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this comes after the storm knocked out verizon's 911 service. the board is expected to finalize recommendations early next year. 4:30 is our time right now. technically, it's still fall. but you're going to need all the winter gear. >> we had that cold stretch and then warmed up over the weekend, and here we go again. another long stretch of colder than arge weather. a big area of high pressure that took that rain away. it's over us now. a clear sky. we've got the november constellations overhead. orion in the southeastern sky. jupiter is bright in the western sky, and we've got cold temperatures. it is at or below freezing most of the maryland, most of virginia, and into west virginia. most locations, shenandoah valley, west virginia, down in
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the upper 20s. it is right near 30 in montgomery, prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties, most of maryland. except right near the water, it's right near 40 degrees. hour by hour, you're going to need your winter coat, but we'll have clear, dry weather and lighter breezes than we had yesterday. by 6:00 a.m., still below freezing. by noon mid-40s. briefly near 50 by midafternoon. sunrise, 6:50. sunset, 4:55. another look at your traffic on this wednesday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning. starting in the first 4 traffic office, still seeing a lot of cones around the area, just with construction. very light volume this time of day. not too bad getting around it. let's start in college park, if you're traveling the outer loop of the beltway. work zone there. the exit ramp is still shut down. should be opening soon. at richie marlboro road,
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construction, as you make your way past the exit, going to be on the right side. as you continue on the outer loop getting closer to new hampshire. two right lanes taken away. stick to the left. this continues as you head to university boulevard. past university, travel lanes open up. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you so much. toyota recalls millions of cars. angie goff is at the live desk with details. >> japan's top automaker recalls $7.7 million worldwide. it includes 63,000 prius hybrid cars because of problems in steering and the water pump. other models on the list, the corolla and wish. as well as other models produced from 2000 to 2011 and from 2000 to 2009 overseas. last month toyota recalled cars because of power issues. as of this morning the company said there have been no crashes or injuries reported because of these problems.
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the woman at the center of the scandal that brought down former cia director david petraeus is in washington this morning. people have spotted paula broadwell inside her brother's home inside washington, d.c. a man who appeared to be her brother, attorney steven krantz, left that home. he did not say a word. someone found paula broadwell's driver's license in rock creek park on monday. this morning house leaders will get a better sense of what led to petraeus' resignation. yesterday the acting cia director updated dianne feinstein and the ranking republican saxby chambliss. they'll look into whether the affair caused a security breach. meanwhile, the pentagon standing by the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general george allen, also involved in the scandal. his nomination to head european
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command is on hold, but leon panetta says he's fully confident allen can lead. this morning obama will likely be asked to comment on the petraeus scandal. that conference begins at 1:30. house minority leader nancy pelosi also holding a press conference today. the califoia law maker expected to announce whether she will run again to lead democrats in the minority. he was speaker of the house from 2006 to 2010. maryland's chris van holland is on the short list if pelosi left, but he's on the record saying he believes she will run again for that position. today congress looks for answers in the deadly meningitis outbreak. leaders from the fda and the massachusetts department of health are expected to testify in today's hearing in front of the house energy and commerce committee. this comes after a report that shows federal health investigators wanted to shut down the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the outbreak back in
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2002. the fda reports the pharmacy had multiple violations but stayed open on the promise it would work harder on improving work conditions. nearly 440 people became sick and 32 people in 19 states have died from the tainted injections, including in maryland and virginia. president obama will meet today with business leaders as he lays out his approach for avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. some democrats don't believe congress and the president should reach an agreement by the end of the year. they say letting steep tax hikes take effect would force republicans to bargain with a weaker hand. a new poll suggests that strategy may work. a pew research poll found that 53% would blame congressional republicans if we fall off the fiscal cliff. 29% say the president would be at fault. 10% would blame the president and republicans. this morning former council member kwame brown will begin serving on house arrest. a judge sentenced brown on bank
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fraud charge. he pled guilty to overstating his income while applying for bank loans. he applies for the d.c. council earlier this summer. brown will have two years of probation and must complete 400 hours of community service. a former state delegate convicted of stealing from the general assembly may sue to get her seat back. she took $600 from the assembly to pay her private law firm. after sentencing, the prince george's county democrat was removed from office, which was required by the state constitution. but her lawyers argue she should still be allowed to serve because a judge reduced her sentence. the house speaker or governor will have the final say on whether she can return. day two picks up on the murder trial for a bowie university student. alexis simpson is accused of shooting her roommate dominique frazier to death last year. it happened over an argument over loud music. in court frazier's friends testified simpson was the
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aggressor but said that frazier also had a knife. at one point simpson tried to get a new roommate because she was afraid, but that request was denied. joshua mebane is in jail accuseded of killing and shooting a d.c. taxi driver last week. d.c. police say they got a tip that the teen was involved in another murder in waldorf. someone shot a couple walking their dog on a trial. teresa bass died from her injuries. friends are helping her husband terry bass recover from his injuries. >> my wife has been dressing his wounds, and we're just kind of pulling together as a community to heal. >> charles county detective say forensics tests show shell casings from the waldorf murder scene match a gun found in mebane's home. his girlfriend linda bury is also in jail on charges in the cab driver's death. chaos in a quiet neighborhood. the accident being blamed for
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this fiery scene. plus blocking out the sun. where people had the best view of this perfect solar eclipse.
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pretty awesome here. check out this solar eclipse. the moon passed between the earth and the sun that cast a
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dark shadow over parts of australia for two minutes. some areas saw a rare solar eclipse that turned morning into night for a brief period. a lot of scientists traveled to australia to see this. the next total solar eclipse will happen in 2015. >> beautiful. >> the ominous clouds sort of shifting through there. >> it happens in real life. you think it only happens in the movies. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. it's cold out there again, tom. we're in the earth shadow. clear and cold. right now the temperatures are down below freezing. all those areas in blue are in the 20s and even some teens out of the mountains of west virginia this morning. it's in the upper 20s, near 30 degrees across most of maryland and west virginia. reagan national it's at 36. hay market, prince william county at 6:00 a.m. clear, around 30 degrees. by noontime with bright
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sunshine, ought to be mid-40s. we'll have lighter winds, a clear sky, chilly day, highs reaching near 50 by midafternoon. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend on the latest potential storm in ten minutes. >> good morning. still checking on road work in your area. if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway at exit 7, construction in the area, and they did have the ramp closed. again, all of this should be wrapping up. wrapped up, outer loop of the georgetown pike, it looks to be clear. also clear if you're traveling 395 passing duke street. had a work zone there, and it's absolutely gone as well. in fact, if you're traveling along 395, you're clear between the beltway and the 14th street bridge in both directions. we are tracking breaking news out of iraq this morning after a series of deadly attacks. ♪
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under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. i'm angie goff at the news 4 live desk with breaking news out of iraq. at least a dozen people are dead after a series of car bombs explode across the country. the deadliest attack this morning, four bombs planted and went off one after the other in the city of kirkuk. the blast killed seven and injured 24. at the news 4 live desk, angie goff, news 4. and new from overnight, we learned a small plane crash killed three people in mississippi. the single engine plane crashed last night into a house in jackson causing a huge fire. all three pilots on board died. the person inside the home escaped with minor injuries. investigators say the plane had just taken off from a nearby airport on its way to an faa
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safety conference. the pilot asked permission to return to the airport shortly after takeoff, b it never made it back. investigators believe gas fueled appliances may be the cause of the explosion in indianapolis. the women says she does not believe the furnace was the cause of the blast. she replaced the furnace recently and it was fine. she also smelled a strange odor but doesn't know if it was natural gas. citizens utility says they found no leaks in the neighborhood. as of this morning, more than 10,000 people in long island, new york, are still without power. there's word the head of the long island power authority is resigning. michael harvey says he will step down at the end of the year. hundreds protested the company last week, saying it simply has been unacceptable for power to not be restored by now. new york governor andrew cuomo slammed all of the state's power companies, but especially long island power for their slow
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response time. the man who accused a sesame street puppeteer of an underage sexual relationship is now'droing the chargnow'dr now'dropping the charges. the now 23-year-old man accuseded kevin clash of beginning a relationship with him when he was 16. the law firm that represents the man released a statement saying the relationship was between consenting adults. clash released his own statement saying he's glad the allegation was put to rest. he did not say he would return from a leave of absence he took. a triple shooting at a gas stas. it happened on the bp road near east capitol street. two men and a woman went to the hospital. someone fired shots inside the convenience store and took off. so far, no arrests. a vote scheduled for this weekend could determine if arlington buys a controversial new homeless shelter. that facility would be inside a seven-story building on north 14th street across from county offices. opponents want the county to ban
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drug abusers, sex offenders, or other criminals at that shelter and provide 24/7 security. others argue the current shelter about a block away has operated for years with few problems. if arlington approves the purchase, the county will hold public meetings to hear concerns. d.c. moving forward with a plan to redeploy ambulances based on the time of day. fire chief kenneth ellerbe formally announced that plan yesterday. it would have fewer ambulances in service between 1:00 and 7:00 a.m. critics say that move could jeopardize lives. the city council must approve any changes before they can take effect. last time we saw her swim, katie lidecki was winning olympic gold. this week she's swimming against those her own age. she swam in her first high school meet since last year. she swims for stone ridge in bethesda.
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naturally, she won the 200 meter. can you imagine competing against katie lidecki? she says she's still happy to be home. >> it's good to be here with my teammates, my friends, my supporters. it's a great feeling and a lot of fun. >> she also promoted a coat drive at the swim meet to get warm coats for catholic charities. the wizards are still looking for their first win of the season. they dropped their sixth straight game, losing to the charlotte bobcats 92-76. trevor ariza led the team in scoring with 19 points. he was the only wizard to reach double digits. they travel to dallas to face the mavericks tonight. tip-off at 8:30. today major league baseball will announce the cy young award winner. gio gonzalez is considered a contender. davey johnson not would the national league manager of the year. he guided the nationals to the
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playoffs his first year on the job. he won the honor in 1997 when he managed the orioles. he resigned the day he won over a dispute with the team's owner. johnson joked he hopes things are different this time around. >> if we didn't win the division, i thought i would get fired. if i won this award, i thought i'd get fired. hopefully, i can get through winning this award and manage the nationals in 2013. >> davey, i think you'll be okay. no worries there. the team has already announced johnson will be back next year. on monday, bryce harper was named national league rookie of the year. >> let's cross our fingers for gio. davey johnson, we don't need to worry about. i think he's got plenty of job security. just about 4:54. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> it is cold again. >> it is. >> here we go again. you need your winter coat. make sure you've got gloves too. it's a cold morning. there is the washington
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monument, jefferson memorial under a clear, cold sky. right now at reagan national airport on the warmer waters of the potomac, it's at 36. a couple of hundred feet away from the waters, it's down at the freezing mark, and elsewhere all around the region with a light northerly breeze, it is cold, thanks to high pressure that's been pushing in and is in place. a few clouds over western maryland, northern west virginia into pennsylvania, but all clear elsewhere. we've got the november constellation showing up beautifully. right now in montgomery county near 30. just near 30 in prince george's county, much of southern maryland, including charles, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel. right near the waters. away from the waters, the eastern shore as well as inland, all areas are at or below freezing most locations. out of the mountains into the lower teens. then by noontime, we ought to be in the low and mid-40s.
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sunny and a little chill in the air with that northeasterly breeze gusting from 5 to 15 miles an hour. the rest of the afternoon, we'll stay sunny. afternoon highs upper 40s to near 50 by midafternoon. overnight tonight, storm team 4 four-day forecast, increasing clouds. and by dawn on thursday, mid-30s. mostly cloudy tomorrow, maybe a little sun in and out. highs reaching upper 40s to around 50. that's way below the average high this time of year, which is at 59. on friday morning, mid-30s, a partly cloudy day on friday. still chilly as we get into the weekend too. saturday morning near freezing. afternoon highs just into the low 50s and partly cloudy. coastal storms still looking like might effect our weather here over the weekend with increasing clouds on sunday. afternoon high near 50. depending how the area of low pressure tracks, we could get
4:53 am
rain for it. could get some rain maybe late sunday night and off and on during the day on monday is the latest indication. stay tune. that track changes to make a big difference in the weather, we'll keep you posted. right now, danella, good morning. good news. some of the construction in our area, cones are being picked up. if you're traveling the beltway, exiting the beltway, taking connecticut avenue southbound just past the beltway, you're going to see two of the left lanes blocked by road work. that should be ending. over to i-66, if this is your commute, about to head out of the house. nice quiet trip as you make your way out of hay market. a live look at sudley. eastbound and westbound, very light volume. not seeing any accidents or construction outside the beltway on 66 or inside as well. nice and clear. here's a live look at glebe. again, as you make your way eastbound in this area and westbound, no issues to report. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron, over to you. >> we'll see you then. thanks. you may be able to get through security a little faster
4:54 am
at bwi marshall airport. launching their precheck program today. precheck allows frequent travelers on certain airlines to move through security more quickly. it also allows you to keep your shoes on, wear a jacket, and leave your laptop in your bag. at bwi, u.s. air, delta, and united passengers are eligible to participate. crews are repaving pennsylvania avenue to prepare for the inauguration on january 21st. while the project is under way, cyclists and drivers will need to share a stretch of pennsylvania avenue between 3rd and 14th streets northwest. pdot says most of the paving will happen overnight. it should take ten days to complete. right now an 80 foot tall norway spruce is on its way to take its place as the rockefeller center christmas tree. crews cut down the tree in mt. olive, new jersey. it's a town still recovering from superstorm sandy. organizers picked the tree a month ago.
4:55 am
the tree's owner says he was nervous sandy damaged it, but crews bundled the tree up, and everything was okay. it will arrive in new york today. the 80th annual tree lighting ceremony scheduled for two weeks from now. thanksgiving is next week. that's quick. >> got to go grocery shopping. got to get ready. it is now 4:55. 38 degrees. looking to start the day on the right foot. at 5:20, why that morning cup of coffee could make you a happier person. alright let's break it down.
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a big day for facebook investors. 770 million shares of the social network can be unlocked and used for sale. facebook has largely disappointed traders. it went public back in may with a price of $38 per share. it's trading this morning around $20 a share. and whether you know it or not, if you're in a relationship on facebook, you created a new profile page. facebook is facing criticism over the new couples profile pages. the page has photos and conversations between two people. users are not happy over this latest change, calling it a true invasion of privacy. what makes it even worse, users
4:59 am
can't opt out of those new pages. i don't like that option. >> that's strange. i want to have a choice. >> people are going to cancel some accounts on that one. >> i don't want everyone knowing my business. this morning a newborn panda has a new name. >> and it has everyone at the san diego zoo celebrating. >> the ceremony announced the name of its newest panda cub, which means little gift. this is the sixth panda cub to be born at the zoo. little xiaoli wu. very cute. >> good job with the pronunciation. >> little gift. >> cute panda. they put that in the news just for you. >> any day we can run panda videos or puppies o

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